shutterstock_124765441-1200x800.jpg predict a 500% increase in online booking

July 9, 2015 0Ocean Cargo predict a 500% increase in online booking

The formula of online booking is becoming more popular. ”From 2022-2027 we expect that 30% of the customers will prefer

to book online” says ceo Mario Lelieveld, ”but will choose for platforms like for their simplicity and transparency

taking care of all the booking details via our back office”.

”Also the personal contact and having one single accountmanager makes more


A research showed recently that most on line booking platforms are created by venture capital people and staff with no serious experience

whatsoever in the shipping industry. ”They try to fish customers and then are unreachable by telephone or don’t give any support at all in the booking process.”

This makes stand out between most booking platforms !

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